Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Debugging into NServiceBus so you can solve your own questions

Blog_Image In my previous post I talked about how one of the main problems with NServiceBus is the learning curve to become familiar with all the setup and configuration options. As NServiceBus is an Open Source project, you are able to to download the code. Once you’ve done this in a few simple steps you can start stepping into the source code as if it's your own code. Which makes solving some of the more complex questions with NServiceBus soooo much easier. For example, what does the "Lite" profile do? Well we can find out by stepping through the code. Here is a quick guide on setting up NServiceBus so you can debug into the code.

Downloading the Source code

The NServiceBus downloads page explains how to download the source code. I went for version 2.0 of the code.

You can get the source for the 2.0 release here.